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Simple, smart and social.
Available for download soon (Beta)

Truly social,
it’s for everyone

cosquare is the first truly social place to shop online. Simple, smart and social, use the app to shop direct from the brands you love, share with friends and followers, upload reviews, create wishlists and gift your friends.

Direct from
the brands
you love…

We are on a mission to make online shopping smarter. By connecting brands and people in one place, cosquare puts the social into online shopping. Our goal is to change online shopping from a disconnected solo experience to a truly social one.

Sign up to start
following your
friends and brands


1. Create your profile
Upload your picture, fill in your details
and start social shopping in minutes.


2. Connect with friends and brands
Find your friends and favourite brands and start shopping with the people you
like at the brands you love.


3. Shop direct from
your favourite friends

Keep up with the latest product drops
and information direct from the brands themselves.


4. Share your wishlist
See something you like? Let people know and put it on your wish list.


5. Gift your friends
Found something perfect for a friend? Maybe they’ve dropped a few hints on their wish list? Gift them the item and if they like it you can go ahead and get it for them.


6. Create your profile
Find out what people are saying about what they bought and let people know about your experience by uploading your product pictures and reviewing.